As soon as you get into a new car, truck, or SUV for a test drive, you will start paying attention to the engine's performance and handling. These are a big part of how the vehicle operates on the road. A vehicle with good performance is safer, easier to drive, and more fun to own than otherwise. Here, you can learn more about what goes into the performance and how Mitsubishi fits into that picture.

Performance is primarily based on the vehicle's drivetrain, the engine, and the surrounding components. The handling and steering also play a key role. When you have a car that feels great on the road, it's because it accelerates smoothly and feels fast regardless of the vehicle's weight. The handling should respond in a controlled manner, not too fast and not too slow. Vehicles of any size can feel responsive and fast or sluggish and weak depending on their drivetrain and tuning design. It's about balancing weight and power. Additionally, the engine itself adds weight to the car. So the size of the engine and the vehicle both impact its fuel efficiency because more weight means it needs to burn more gas around Newark.

When it comes to Mitsubishi, the Japanese company uses a design that allows for excellent fuel efficiency around New York City and East Brunswick. The engines are lightweight but still have all the power you need to keep the cars feeling fast. That is a valuable combination because it saves you money without feeling like a compromise in terms of driving feel, and it helps to create a unique identity for Mitsubishi.

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