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Dashboard Warning Lights - What Do They Mean? | Rahway, NJ

Dashboard Warning Lights | Rahway, NJ
When something is wrong with your car, it can sometimes be difficult to figure out what the issue is—unless you understand what each dashboard indicator light means. Interpret what four of the key warning lights mean, so you can help catch a minor repair before it turns into a major problem.

Tire Pressure Monitoring System (TPMS):

As the temperature outside fluctuates, so can your car’s tire pressure. The TPMS monitors tire pressure, and will let you know if your tires are above or below the recommended level of inflation.

Oil Change Reminder:

Routine maintenance is important to keep your car running. When you need to bring in your car for its regular oil change, this light will activate.

Check Engine Light:

The Check Engine light will come on for a variety of reasons. It could mean that a gas cap is loose or missing, but it could also mean that you need a new spark plug. When this light comes on, it’s time to schedule a check up at your local dealership.

Battery Alert:

When this battery-shaped light turns on, it means that your battery’s voltage is below normal levels. Check the battery terminals, alternator belt, and battery condition to ensure that your battery is still in working order.

If you have any questions about dashboard indicator lights, feel free to call us at Bell Mitsubishi. One of our certified technicians will be happy to address your concerns and set up service appointment, if need be.

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